It's the effervescent essence of Route 66: colorful, free-wheeling, fun. POPS answers the call of the road: our unquenchable thirst for adventure.


This sculptural take on a soda bottle and straw soars 66 ft. into the sky.  Like a rocketship from another realm, it’s THE must-see Route 66 landmark, standing next to the space station with which it arrived.

Each night as the sun sets on Arcadia, LED lights transform it into a dazzling light show of Times Square-quality luminosity.  An infinite array of colors and patterns salute the world’s greatest variety of soda pop inside.

It’s futuristic vision rising from the pastoral Arcadian valley itself, with its native Oklahoma red rock base and steel trusses like giant tree branches.

The huge canopy cantilevers, unsupported, 100 feet to shelter vehicles and their occupants from sun, rain and snow.  So big, it creates an “outdoor room,” it’s an unexpected sensation we bet you’ve never experienced -- with wildflowers and trees all around you.

Ultramodern fuel pumps and other cutting-edge amenities distinguish POPS from any other gas station on earth.


At the pumps, get an eyeful of windows artfully lined with POPS’ rainbow of sodas. Glass shelves showcase thousands of bottles, floor-to-ceiling. And make darn sure you won’t leave without coming in for a visit.